Pew PEW!

Do you want to know what’re fun?
Do you want to know what else is fun?
Running around a darkened room shooting people with lasers.

You would not believe how many attempts were required to capture this.


So, incase you didn’t gather from that leading remark and my oh-so-subtle picture, we went to Lazerquest this week! It was a mass outing of a mix of mainly third and first years, and we went to Megazone in Leicester city centre. We did something called a ‘lock in’, which is from 10 – 12 at night, and in that time, you can play as many 15 minute games as you can fit into that time without keeling over.

Some noteable events included someone, somehow, getting 158% accuracy, me managing to get over 6% accuracy, and me accidentally headbutting someone as I tried to stealthily round a corner.

Needless to say, it didn’t work.

It made a nice break from work, and was a brilliant way to spend some time wih the first years. It was all organised by Rob and George, our social secs, in a very short amount of time, so kudos to them.
Make sure you ask your social secs to repeat the trip when you guys get here!

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