Hard hat, where art thou?

Well, I lost my hard hat today. I’ve got no idea where it is, but on the bright side, I have about a month until I’m off to Cornwall. Therefore, the search has been postponed.

Recently, aside from searching for pieces of safety equipment, my time has mainly been taken up by making map boards. Map boards are essentially two bits of fairly thick plastic, stuck together with lots of duct tape with strips of elastic wrapped around them. They keep your map nice and dry, are very useful, and unfortunately, the committee have to sand and tape together over 200 pieces of plastic to make enough for all the first years, who are currently getting ready to go to the Isle of Arran, where they’ll learn to map.

The rest of my time has been dedicated to completing two assignments for a module I’m taking which is called Exploration and Site Investigation. One of these pieces of work is done on Micromine software, which I mentioned in an earlier post. The other one is being completed using Surfer, a geophysics programme, which, if I’m quite honest, simply confuses me. I love geophysics, but only when it’s been using in the context of oil reservoirs.

Oh well. My deadline’s next Monday. So I’d better get cracking, whether I like it or not!

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