On yer bike.

Leicester is a nicely sized, fairly compact city.  It also has a fair amount of greenery, and lots of bike paths. So, instead of getting a bus pass and quadrupling your chances of catching fresher’s flu from everyone on the bus, why not bring a bike to uni with you?

As well as avoiding fresher’s plague, bike riding is nice to the environment, fast, and an excellent way to get fit (something that’s always handy in geology).
Additionally, having a bike is a great way to get out and escape the city centre of Leicester. There are several people in the department who are part of the University of Leicester cycling society, who go on long (or slightly shorter if that’s more your cup o’ tea!) bike rides out into the country on a weekend and on several days during the week.
Plus, we’re in the process of having a new bike store built under the podium in front of the David Wilson library. It will have space for 300 bikes, and everyone from the uni will be welcome to use it. I mean, it’s just rude to not take advantage of that.

That's a whole lot of bike storage.

With the aid of two wheels, you’ll be able to drive off cabin fever, get fit and see much more of ‘the heart of England’. I mean, have you properly seen a city if you’ve only seen about 4 square miles of it?

Of course, I am not suggesting you ride a bike when it’s -5 degrees Celsius and sleeting it down. For most of the year, Leicester’s fairly pleasant and dry, but I’m not going to lie, it is much more enjoyable to ride a bike into uni now that it’s getting into spring.

I am also obliged to tell you that you’ll just be silly to rock up with a bike and not bring a helmet with you. Safety first, geologists.

Anyone already thinking of bringing a bike with them?

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