What better way to spend a sunny, spring Sunday than go for a gentle jog? Or a flat out sprint for the sportier amongst us? Why not combine this with a little light charity work on the side?  But how?

The Sport Relief Mile!

This Sunday, the morning after the clocks go back and the Geology Ball (when I was already feeling a little delicate from my late night) I headed out to Leicester Racecourse with a few friends for a brief sojourn in the sunshine.



By ‘brief sojourn’ I mean a six mile, sweaty and tiring run whilst wearing my Viking armour to raise money for people in need, in this country and abroad. It took me 1hr 45 to run (well, mainly walk) the 6 mile course (although my nippier friend managed it in just under 1 hr!).


Between the four of us running the 6 miles, we raised over £300 and a few blisters. But at the end of the run, we were still standing and went for a well deserved lunch.


Anyone want to go round again?

So, don’t feel that exercise is something that prevents you from enjoying your lovely spring weather, or that you can only do if you are in the Raise And Give Society (commonly known as RAG). Go forth, get some trainers and enjoy the sunshine! (Just remember to drink enough water).

Keep lots of water handy. To stay properly hydrated, it helps if you drink it, and don't just pour it on your head.

Ooh, look, a shiny medal!

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