Easter Holidays

Now one advantage of being at University is that you get lots of lovely long holidays. Leicester is particularly good for this. As such, we get a month off at Christmas, a month at Easter and 3 months over the summer.


This means you have lots of time to go home and visit family and friends there and enjoy the sunshine. And do your holiday homework. In my case, this Easter means a lot of fieldtrips, writing my dissertation, reading papers on volcanoes and of course, revising. Just because you have passed A Levels (or equivalents) unfortunately doesn’t mean you have got away from the horror of exams.

Luckily, this summer I only have the one. Huzzah!

Our Easter holidays are already underway start and we don’t have to come back until the end of April. The sun is shining and I may well be away from my desk a little more over the next month. I’ll still be posting here, though a little less regularly.

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