Vintage fairs, pretty dresses and minor breakdowns.

What a wonderful week!
I went along to the vintage fair last Saturday morning, which is held at the Leicester Cathedral about once every six months. There are lots of stalls with jewellery, clothes and most importantly, CAKE.
With most of my projects complete, it was nice to have an outing in the gloriously sunny weather we’re benefiting from at the moment.

Saturday evening was the annual PCSB geology society ball. It was a wonderful evening with lots of good food and wine, dancing and friends. This years event had a lot of meaning to me as it was my final ball as an undergraduate (even though I’ve been told that I will be going again next year!). A wonderful night was had by all, of course, with many people going to the after party at Turkey Café following

I then pootled along happily through the next week, having lectures and doing work. That is, until my friend Samantha slid a piece of paper infront of me in a lecture on Environmental and Forensic Geoscience last Thursday. That piece of paper had ‘final lecture as undergrads!! :(‘ scrawled in the top right hand corner.

I was genuinely stunned. I realised that my final day of learning as an undergraduate student was fast approaching, but I was still shocked.
It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago that I was calling the department to make sure I had definitely got in, and UCAS wasn’t playing some kind of sick joke on me. And now? I’m a third year, graduating at the end of this year and going on to do a postgraduate degree in hydrogeology at the University of Birmingham.

How on Earth did this happen? At what point did I become the type of person I thought was so grown up when I was in first year? It scares me… but is still wonderfully exciting.

So, aside from that minor breakdown, I’ve had a wonderful last week as an undergraduate (though I still have a fieldtrip and lot’s more exams to go!).

I’m by no means trying to scare all you wonderful readers, but for the love of god, make the most of first and second year. These years are remarkably stress free compared to third (and fourth, if you’re doing an MGeol) year. You’ll be amazed at how quickly three years goes by.

Speak soon!

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