Ach Aye!

So Easter weekend is done and the family duly visited which was a nice break from flatmates and University (however much you might love them). But now its back to Leicester to get hard to work on my dissertation once more.

I don’t have too much time to work on that though as in 2 days I am heading to the far North (in this case, Scotland) on a field course. This isn’t the first field trip to Scotland I’ve been on. At A Level, we went to the Isle of Arran. In first year, we went to the Isle of Arran and the Isle of Mull. In second year, I went to the Isle of Mull again. And now this year I am going to be heading back to hills of soggy bracken and damp sheep to crawl around in the rain looking at rocks on the Isle of Skye and the NW Mainland for two weeks.

I may sound negative about this, but I actually quite like the ruggedness of Scotland, which will be a nice contrast to the last field trip I did to Tenerife. Waterproofs are a must for ANY fieldwork. Even if you’re working in the Sahara, I can almost guarantee it will rain if you are unprepared for it. Rain is almost a good thing on fieldtrips-it drives away the midges, brings your group closer together and can even be an excuse to cut a long day short if you’re tired and have had enough.

Having looked at the weather forecast (rain, rain, heavy cloud and rain, rain) I will certainly be packing my waterproofs. Rain is a lot better than the snow of last week though!

The long and short is that I am off to explore the highlands in my tamoshanta and kilt so you won’t be hearing from me for a few weeks. I’ll let you know how it went when I get back.

Mapping without lecturers in the Isle of Arran in first year. That awkward moment when confusion over the rocks set in.

And you all thought I was kidding about the hat…

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