I’ve never eaten so much jam…

So, I had my first trip to Cornwall for my last field trip. I had a genuinely glorious time, despite the sometimes atrocious weather (April showers an’ all that).

We did a general overview of the geology of the South-West, including detailed structural mapping, mapping of a granite quarry to assess whether it could be economically reopened (unsurprisingly, it could not) and visited many geologically interesting sites, including Roche rock, Cligga Head and ‘the Lizard’.

Photo taken at Millook Haven, North Cornwall. This is a pretty accurate representation of the whole trip; cloudy weather and stone skimming. (I’m the one in the red ‘overshare’ hoodie.)

We also ate a lot of ice cream. And had a fair few cream tea stops. I also managed to go swimming in the sea a few times, and it was, as expected, consistently freezing. It was, in short, a very fun field trip. Plus, all the assessment was done off of my field notebook and exercises done in the field, so no more work! Wahey!

Sadly,  I am now back home (in Leicester), spending my days writing two reports, one for industrial rocks and minerals and one for earth science in education. The deadline for these is next week, and then it’s onto revision for my exams on the 24th and 31st of May!

Best get cracking…
I hope you all had a good Easter!

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