HEATWAVE! Plus revision.

Er. So. Has anyone else noticed how obscenely hot its got in the past few days?

Course you have.

I’m guessing all of you readers, like me, are getting into exam mode again. I’ve only got two exams to do, though, the first one being a sedimentology exam on Thursday morning (which, I am not going to lie, I will be very pleased to see the back of) and one on environmental and forensic geoscience next Thursday which I’m actually kind of looking forward to, in a weird and slightly twisted way.

So, in preparation I’ve been note reading, past paper doodling and doing general subject related reading…. interspersed with chewing on ice cubes to stop from dying. My house, whilst not appearing to retain much heat in the dead of winter is apparently also really pants at keeping cool when the thermometer starts topping twenty eight degrees, as it did today.

Ah well. Under two weeks and it’ll all be over. Nothing to look forward to then except for evenings in the pub garden, flat hunting and learning A-level maths in preparation for my masters.

Not too shabby.

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