Moving out

House moving. It’s stressful, as everyone knows. Stress isn’t helped when you live in rented student accomodation. Traditionally, students have a bad track record with looking after housing so their housing is a bit grubbier, grimier and generally cheaper than that of young professionals.

Halls of Residence are looked after by the University so are kept fairly nicely. My second year house was amazingly cheap on the rent at only £47.50 a week. Unfortunately, the house was a bit chilly.

(By which I mean I had to wear 9 layers, a hat and gloves when I was in bed under 2 duvets, 3 blankets and a sheepskin. I also had to share my room with some mice.)

This year is much better, but instead of the private landlord I was used to, this house is rented with an agency.

Agencies aren’t all so bad but they tend to be extremely expensive.

My current agency cost me a £90 flat fee to register, £300 deposit and rent of £270 a month. Overall, this adds up a fair ole bit as I’m sure you can imagine. As a result, I will be moving out and going to somewhere else at the end of this month.

As such, I am currently engaged in the age old process of packing all of my things.

(which seem to have mysteriously multiplied over the course of one year to fill my parents car to bursting).

Having squeezed and crushed my many possessions into the few cardboard boxes I managed to scrounge and the many plastic carrier bags I found behind the fridge, I had them collected by my parents: I then had to begin the arduous process of scrubbing every inch of the house and hoovering; evicting spiders and weeding the garden; tidying the cellar and going to the dump. See you all in a few days….

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