Prelude to graduation – Part 2.

Bad things about graduation:

1. Parking.
2. Silly hats that mess up your hair.
3. Silly gowns that cost £40 to hire.
4. The endless ‘well, what’re YOU wearing under your gown’ discussion.
5. Having to practice walking in your shoes for several hours a week to make sure you won’t be the one who falls over on stage.

Good things about graduation:

1. Silly hats and gowns that you can only wear on one occasion in your life, so you might as well make the most of it.
2. Having lots of photos taken in front of the lovely flowers outside of De Monfort Hall.
3. The pre-graduation reception in the department, with wine and prize giving!
4. The thought of having a couple of hundred people clapping as you walk across the stage to get your certificate.
5. Getting to spend one last day with your graduating class before everyone disappears off to the four corners of the globe.

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