Farewell, University of Leicester!

I’ve been told (or I suppose, requested) to write a last blog post. One about all of my time at the University of Leicester, my favourite moments and anything that was truly remarkable.

I’m having a hard time thinking of a way to sum up three years.

I suppose I could go for a summary along the lines of ‘The University of Leicester- it was a jaff tonne of work but totally worth it!’. However, I’m not sure that really gets across quite how much work I put in to my course, from days spent completing folders of practical’s to long evenings (okay, nights) spent trying to work various computer programmes. I am also not sure that you can tell how flibbertigibetting proud I was of myself when I got my final results, and how proud you’re going to be too.

Check out the dementor robes. Oh yeah.

Forget the work. How about ‘The University of Leicester- the place where I raided a biscuit selection in the union at half 2 in the morning, bum-planted the floor at a roller disco and had a relay race through the geology department on microscope trolleys’? This more accurately portrays the ridiculous amount of fun I’ve had over the last three years, but may give the department and union slight cause for complaint (then again, I’ve graduated, so what can they do now?).

Or how about ‘The University of Leicester- the main reason I’ve not been dry for the last three years’, which is of course referring to the series of amazing fieldtrips I’ve been on, where I tended to end the days looking like I’d just been dunked in a bath fully clothed.

‘The University of Leicester- home to Jane the dinosaur and other inanimate objects named when mapping report writing became too much.’

‘The University of Leicester- the Queen likes us, that should be more than enough or you.’

‘The University of Leicester- coming to a cinema near you’.

Hmm. Maybe note. I don’t think I can do a summary. So instead, here are the three best memories I have from each of the years I’ve been at Leicester.

Memory 1: Going to Ingleton in first year, a little unsure of how it was going to go. Through a weekend of hiking and a bit of drinking, I made friends with my course mates, fell down a muddy slope, won a costume competition and shielded someone with my coat whilst they peed on the side of a hill with no tree coverage.

On the waterfalls walk.

Memory 2: Staying in the department until half past two in the morning two days before the deadline to finish off my coursework relating to the Anglesey fieldtrip. I have a confession to make. I always finish my work with plenty of time to spare. The work I did at this point mainly consisted of inking in items, and I saved it so I could say I’d pulled a (sort-of) all-nighter at least once. Gosh, I do live on the wild side.

I didn’t have any pictures of this. So, here’s a picture of the PCSB ball!

Memory 3: I could go for any number of things in this last year. Getting a first on my mapping project. Receiving the Dennis Field award. Graduation!
However, I think getting a high five and hug from my tutor after getting the above results tops the lot.

Again, no pictures. Have a mapping photo!

So, I leave you with my favourite graduation quote, from a gentleman named Paul Freund:

‘At graduation you wear your square-shaped mortarboards. My hope is that from time to time you will let your minds be bold, and wear sombreros’.

Many happy universityings. I hope they will bring you as many happy memories and experiences as mine did. Good luck with your exam results!

Tally ho!

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