When your fridge breaks…

One of the downsides to living in a house is that sometimes things break (if you pay less than £50 a week then ‘sometimes’ is generally more often). Most things in a house you can do without for a few days, even the internet if circumstances arise. So imagine the disappointment when my house-mates and I discovered that the thing tripping the electricity was the fridge. After an evenings’ attempt to resuscitate the appliance we were defeated and lived without a fridge for 4 days. Fortunately for us we could keep most of our food outside since it was winter and outside is as cold as a fridge anyway. But there is a happy ending to this story, after those 4 days of living like a primeval cave man, the new fridge came and when our landlords visited to view it they paid us £5 each to repay us for the food we might have lost. So forget those horror stories of terrifying landlords that are only out to scam and con students! Decent landlords do exist if you take the time to look and my advice for house finding is – look early! Good houses go quickly – landlords start putting their houses on the market as early as November, so get yourself organised and don’t leave it until later.

The new fridge

Is there anything that would be worse to break than your fridge? Leave your answers in the section below!


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2 responses to “When your fridge breaks…”

  1. Jo

    I feel for you Eleri, we experienced a similar trauma when our oven broke (I’d argue this was worse than a fridge as I was really missing fish fingers!). But after 6 weeks of British Gas messing us round, our lovely land-lady bought us a completely new oven so you’re right, land-lords/ladies aren’t as bad as some are perceived to be 🙂

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