Who wouldn’t choose to go to Tenerife!?

When you sign up to do Geology at Leicester, you pick one from 5 different degree choices:

Geology with Palaeobiology
Geology with Geophysics
Applied and Environmental Geology
Geology with Geography
Or just the straight Geology (which is what I’m doing)

This choice essentially automatically picks your modules for you for the next two years. When you get to the end of second year (scarily now for me!) you get your first go at picking your own individual modules. These range from isotope geochemistry and advanced sedimentology to vertebrate evolution, geophysics and mineral deposits. Fuller lists can be found here, http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/geology/ugcourses.
Picking modules is very exciting but also a little daunting, as your choice will affect your future. Nonetheless, even before the online module choosing device opened I had mine picked:

Introductory Mineral Deposits
Planetary science
And two field trips – One to NW Scotland to study metamorphism and the other to Tenerife to study volcanoes! (Literally so excited) I’ll be posting about these trips when they happen.

Of course I am doing other compulsory modules as well (don’t want to lull myself into a false sense of security!)

Having total control over what you study is probably one of the reasons why university it so great. It also means that you will enjoy your studying and therefore do much better!


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Eleri has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello! My name is Eleri Simpson and I'm a 4th (and final!) year geology student at the University of Leicester. The parts of my course that I love the most are: mapping, igneous and metamorphic processes, geochemistry and volcanology. Outside of learning I'm part of the First Aid society and the University concert band, where I play the clarinet. I enjoy evenings at the pub, cooking, walking in the countryside and a good cup of tea.

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