Clubbing vs Pubbing: which is best?

Throughout my time at university I have done a lot of these two things; clubbing does not refer to beating people with a wooden bat, it is the act of drinking alcohol (on the scale of none/not a lot to probably too much) and dancing in a room to extremely loud music  with lots of other people wearing a special sort of outfit called ‘going out clothes’ which is awfully hard to explain but is usually a mixture of smart and casual, fit only for warm-weather (even in the depths of winter) and perhaps slightly revealing. I’m only explaining this because before I came to uni I hadn’t a clue about clubbing nor did I own these special going out garments, but you soon catch on to the ‘going out’ vibe.
Pubbing is where you, and generally a group of your friends, sit in a pub with a few drinks get considerably less drunk and talk about life, the universe and everything.

As a good university student I enjoy both of these activities, but thought I would find out which one I like best. So I have come up with a few categories to compare the two and give points to the best one:

Photographic memories

I love taking and looking back through photos and a ‘night out’ clubbing is the perfect opportunity to whip out the camera and be trigger happy all night long (the only time you regret this is having to go through 300+ photos the next morning). Pubbing, however, provides little occasion for photography, meaning that countless brilliant evenings at the pub will be forgotten due to their lack of photographic record.

Clubbing in fancy dress

Clubbing in fancy dress

Chatting with your friends

Friends always have interesting things to say and a quiet evening at the pub with minimal background music (except karaoke nights at the Old Horse!) gives you the chance to hear all the news. Friends have interesting things to say on a night out too, it’s just a shame you will never find out what.

Being comfortable

Here we are comparing 3-4 hours dancing in high heels perhaps wearing tight or short clothing to 3-4 hours sitting in a warm comfortable pub wearing whatever you like and trainers.


Looking fabulous

Everyone likes to look fabulous sometimes; lots of make-up, a beautiful dress, new heels, you know. This look would unfortunately be somewhat out of place in a pub.


Getting to sleep

Sleep is a very important aspect of student life, especially getting lots of it. Pubbing might start at 8 pm and carry on until ‘last orders’ which is generally around 11-12 pm. Clubbing, however, does not start until 11-12 pm and will go on until at least half past 1 am, if not well on to 5 am (although I know people who have not got to sleep until 7 am after a night out!).


Well it was a close one and there are many other aspects to these activities that I have not mentioned, but it looks like for me pubbing has won.

What do you guys think? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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