Organisation at last, but certainly not the least

This year of all years I thought I should get myself organised. I always thought that being organised just meant having a good idea of what I needed to do, however, after being told by lecturers that I needed to work a 40 hour week I started realising that 40 hours is actually quite a lot of time. They also said that time management was the key to success this year, which means always having something useful to do when you find yourself with some free time. So instead of having a nearly blank timetable on my wall (only 10 hours of contact time!) I thought I’d fill it with 30 additional hours full of things I need to do. Not only will this remind me it will force me to be organised with my time and effort. I also thought I’d timetable in other activities too like climbing with the climbing society on Wednesdays and shopping for food on a Tuesday. Obviously there are lots of things you can’t timetable like socialising and weekends away, but life can’t be too ordered!

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Eleri has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello! My name is Eleri Simpson and I'm a 4th (and final!) year geology student at the University of Leicester. The parts of my course that I love the most are: mapping, igneous and metamorphic processes, geochemistry and volcanology. Outside of learning I'm part of the First Aid society and the University concert band, where I play the clarinet. I enjoy evenings at the pub, cooking, walking in the countryside and a good cup of tea.

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