Geology fieldtrips: the essential inventory

Here is a list of things that I could not go without on a geology field-trip:

  1. Compass-clino: basically a compass (NWSE) with a swinging arrow that lets you measure how much the rocks are dipping. But really we all carry it for the small mirror inside, you know so the boys can check whether their lipstick has smudged or not
  2. Topographic map: to record which rocks are where and to practice colouring inside the lines when you get back home
  3. Mapping board: to lean the map on in the field and bat away midges or annoying classmates who get all the answers right
  4. GPS: because orienteering is for year 9 P.E
  5. Mapping pen: with a tiny 0.18 mm nib allowing you to fit as much information on your map as possible but of course this makes it extremely delicate and easy to break
  6. Raincoat, fleece, gloves and silly hat: especially in the UK
  7. Sun hat and sun cream: ok these are only for overseas!
  8.  Hammer: for chipping off bits of nice rock that you want to take home with you to add to your slowly accreting rock collection
  9. Walking boots: to protect your feet from nasty sharp rocks
  10. Good rucksack with hydration sack: the hydration sack is basically a water-filled bag with a straw so it requires no effort to drink enough water throughout the day
  11. First Aid kit: which I have thankfully never used
  12. Waterproof notebook: because some fool always drops his in a puddle
  13. Hand lens: to magnify the rocks/crystals/fingernails/classmates’ eyes (seriously you should try that it’s amazing)
  14. Lunch: Hell hath seen no fury like a woman without lunch on a geological field trip

Anything I’ve missed? Type your reply in the comments below!


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Eleri has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello! My name is Eleri Simpson and I'm a 4th (and final!) year geology student at the University of Leicester. The parts of my course that I love the most are: mapping, igneous and metamorphic processes, geochemistry and volcanology. Outside of learning I'm part of the First Aid society and the University concert band, where I play the clarinet. I enjoy evenings at the pub, cooking, walking in the countryside and a good cup of tea.

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2 responses to “Geology fieldtrips: the essential inventory”

  1. Anon

    Hi Eleri, I love reading your blog it’s hilarious! I’m trying to decide which uni to firm and insure at the minute and I wondered if you could help answer some of my questions?
    Are the staff at the uni quite supportive and approachable? Like do you feel you could ask them for help if you need to?
    Also, are there many opportunities do be involved in internships or work experience placements or anything like that which will help with employability?
    Do graduates that you know of find it easy to get jobs in geological fields after graduating and have you been given any help or direction with what to do after uni?
    Sorry for all the questions and long post but thanks!!!

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