Tips for surviving an MGeol

Here is a list of things I wish I had known before starting my 4th year masters project!

1) Keep track of everything you do in a diary. The diary was actually part of our final mark so we all had to submit one, however I found it so useful to write thoughts and to do lists all in one place.

2) If you do field work you seriously can’t take enough photos! I wish I had more photos of my field area! the problem with doing the field work first is – you don’t quite know what you are looking for. So my advice would be to just be trigger happy and photograph everything!

3) Start writing the project early, as in months and months early! Even though I started writing in January there still was a push at the end (April) to get everything done!

4) Get as many people as you can to read through your final report! Especially lecturers and post-grads to check through your science.

5) Focus on the stuff you enjoy and are good at.

6) Before submitting always proof read one more time than you think you need to. I didn’t and missed so many little mistakes!

Good luck!

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Eleri has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello! My name is Eleri Simpson and I'm a 4th (and final!) year geology student at the University of Leicester. The parts of my course that I love the most are: mapping, igneous and metamorphic processes, geochemistry and volcanology. Outside of learning I'm part of the First Aid society and the University concert band, where I play the clarinet. I enjoy evenings at the pub, cooking, walking in the countryside and a good cup of tea.

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