2 responses to “Why did I choose to study Geology at Leicester?”

  1. Adam

    Hey Jo, quick question for you about the fieldwork in the geology course 🙂 How often would you say you’ve been able to go on fieldwork events on a term by term basis? Is it only a couple of times per term or more/less? 🙂

    1. Jo M

      Thanks for your question Adam.

      Like me, fieldwork was a huge factor when considering which university I wanted to attend. I think it’s incredibly important to gain as much fieldwork experience as possible if you are going to pursue a career in geology come graduation.

      Below is the current outline for 2015-2016. Let me know if there are any particular field trips you’d like to know about. I’d be able to tell you about my experiences, as well as direct you to the correct member of staff if you have any other questions I may not be able to answer. It is only in your third or fourth year of study, when you are able to choose which field trip you would like to attend. In your first and second year, the field trips enable you to become well rounded and you learn the necessities hence why they are compulsory.

      First Years
      – Induction Week: Bardon Hill Quarry/Beacon Hill to improve scientific report writing
      – Optional PCSB Society trip to Ingleton
      – Improving map skills in Victoria Park
      – Introductory field course in Arran, Scotland
      – 2 weeks independent mapping over the summer

      First Years (entering 2nd Year in 2016)
      – Spain, for improving geological field methods

      Second Years
      – Welsh Basin for Geog-Geol students only
      – Structural geology in Anglesey, Wales
      – 4 weeks of independent mapping over the summer

      Third Years
      – NW Scotland
      – Applied Geology Field Course, SW England
      – Physical Volcanology Tenerife

      Fourth Years
      – Sicily
      – Urban Geology

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