Alert! New Academic Year Approaching!

Hello all! I hope you’re enjoying your final week of the holidays before the madness of freshers dawns upon us! I thought whilst I was here, contemplating my new time table, I’d tell you what I found useful when preparing for my first few lectures at uni.


Each lecturer has their own unique style of teaching, some you will take to more than others. But what I found the most challenging when entering uni was how I was going to monitor all the notes I took and what sort of length to expect my entire notes for a module to be.

At GCSE it was easy, you got given exercise books. Then when it came to revision you simply learnt the revision guide. A level was more tricky, I tried to stick with the whole “A4 ring binder” and pad of paper thing but I got tired of carrying the folder around and then loosing sheets of dog eared paper. It was clunky and didn’t seem to fit too good.

The system I guessed at for uni worked surprisingly well, I bought a cheap simple project notebook, split into 5 sections, and labelled each section for each module I had. It was so simple, easy to carry, and meant I had all my notes on me for all lectures – this made cross referencing notes VERY simple! My notepad was also hardback so the book never got damaged and stayed looking decent right to the end of exams! As for the handout sheets we got, I had a plastic folder for each module that I labelled each accordingly. Super organised, super cheap and super easy to do.


I know everyone isn’t so organised when it comes to stationary but I actually have a bit of a stationary obsession. I love buying new pens and beautiful rubbers and pencil cases. I apologise for this but I got all my stationary from Wilkos for less than £15, honestly its wonderful. Check it out. Anyway, my ultimate point for this is BUY SOME COOL COLOURED BIROS. It looks so much better when you come to re read your notes, and I actually found it made me concentrate and categorise module information a bit better (maybe that’s just me)!


Sorry to bring you back down to earth after your longest summer holiday ever! I’ll do some tips on taking notes in lectures soon and give you some examples, it’s quite an art!

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