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Hello! Hope you are all well and finding uni life exciting! The start of a new term is always nice, especially since it’s October! October is great, not just because it was my birthday last week – I turned 20 which seems crazy! But just because Autumn is beautiful. I love walking across Victoria Park and just admiring the colour changes, uni is buzzing with life and everyone has shiny smiles, and noses that turn slightly more pink as the weather gets colder!


I think the something that I struggled most with during my first year was note taking in lecture. It’s not something that is done at a level or GCSE. My biggest fear was not understanding something and being in a class of 90 and feeling too stupid to ask the question.
It goes without saying that my thoughts were ridiculous, if I was asking the question, the chances are that at least a couple of others are thinking the same thing. Also, as I got to know the lectures in the department I felt more confident to go and talk to them after the lecture had finished. Don’t be afraid of asking questions – it’s the reason you’re at uni!


Okay, so, lecture notes. My biggest piece of advise is PREP!!! Make sure you know what’s coming! Go and look at the lecture presentation before hand, read through them and see if you can just understand the basics. It is SOOO much easier to note take when you know what’s going to be taught to you. Use bright coloured pens and layout it out how you feel is best for you.


Just because the person next to you makes a million notes and copies everything down, don’t think you have to do the same. Just note down the basics. Afterwards, you can always add things in and do reading around the subject.  DO NOT SPEND SO MUCH TIME WRITING DOWN NOTES OFF THE POWERPOINT THAT YOU MISS WHAT THE LECTURER SAYS! I have done it, and believe me, it makes for poor revision notes and you miss critical bits of info!


A new thing this year is the ability to re-listen to your lectures given. I’ve used it once since the start of term and so far, I’m very impressed. It’s an excellent way to make sure you don’t miss anything and an awesome revision tool!



That’s all for today folks! If you have any questions regarding Geology or uni life at Leicester, as always, feel free to get in touch!

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