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Hi guys! Hope you’re all well!

The nights are drawing in now and the clocks went black this weekend! (I forgot as per usual!) and consequently a long day at uni means you go in when its just getting light and when you leave its going dark (and its not even reached 4pm!) It can get a little depressing with the weather changes, but there are so many things to do to make sure you’re safe in the coming months and still smiling as though it’s freshers week!



  • It sounds stupidly obvious but don’t walk home alone at night time. Get a cab, walk with a friend etc. and If you feel you really really must walk home, walk where the street is lit properly.


  • Lock your doors and windows in your house, and make sure you’re fully insured for all your important belongings.



  • Make sure you’re getting the right amount of vitamins, the dark days mean you want to sleep more and the lack of sunlight often can cause vitamin deficiencies. Make sure you have a decent diet, and get enough sunlight and exercise.


  • See your GP if you are feeling unwell. The common cold isn’t a good excuse to take the afternoon off your least favourite lecture, but do make sure you’re fit and well.


  • Make sure your work/social life is balanced. Make time to see your friends (remember – if you’re a first year – you’re still forming new friendships!) If you are feeling unhappy though make sure to contact your tutor or see someone at students services. Click here for more info!




A hot-pot style hot dog thing – named and invented by my mother!

INGREDIENTS (serves 2) –

(takes 20 mins prep + 20 mins cooking time)

1 red onion – chopped

2 large potatoes – mashed (best with butter!)

a can of beans

hot dog sausages (veggie ones tend to work the best!) – chopped in small pieces

smoked paprika

garlic (optional)


  1. fry the red onion in some oil over a low heat until soft and then add the hot dog pieces
  2. add a generous sprinkling of smoked paprika and garlic (if required)
  3. add the beans and add more paprika to taste!
  4. pour mixture into a casserole dish and place mashed potatoes on top
  5. bake for 20 minutes at 180°C

Really simple and super yummy when its cold outside!

***perfectly autumnal***

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