A Gold Presidency!

We all know what happened this morning. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… it all lit up. Everybody knows that Trump has won the election in the US. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised. More over, I know very little about the parties in America and politics over there. So, without evidence I cannot say I agree or disagree with the general population.


HOWEVER! What a Trump Presidency does entail is hope for geologists! The price is set to rise considerably, to compensate the fall in price over the past few years. Estimates suggest it could increase to as much as  $1,850 per ounce! So, with that in mind – if you’re looking to do a degree in geology (or currently are completing one) here’s a positive to the up coming new presidency!



In other news,  the Geology department had speaker Chris Broadbent from Wardell Armstrong talk about his exploration mining in Europe on Monday evening. His project was entitled FAME (flexible and mobile economic mineral and mining project). The talk was thoroughly enjoyed by an audience of varied geologists in different stages of their degrees and we look forward to hearing about how his programme progresses and the outcomes it may achieve.




Enjoy your Wednesday afternoon!



I’m on a bit of a health kick this week and enjoying plenty of fruits and vegetables (in saying that I did have a takeaway pizza with my house mates last night!)


(my grandma’s favourite!)


  1. 3-4 baking apples (peeled and chopped)
  2. 250g of blackberries
  3. cinnamon
  4. 200g sugar + sugar to sweeten apples to taste
  5. 200g flour
  6. 250g butter


  1. boil apples in a small amount of water over a low heat until they caramelise. Add sugar and cinnamon to taste
  2. Add blackberries whilst still over the heat. Stir well.
  3. Pour into baking dish
  4. add flour, sugar and butter into a bowl and use hands to crumble the mixture until it resembles breadcrumbs (add cinnamon to taste)
  5. place on top of the fruit mixture
  6. bake at 180 degrees C until golden brown



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