A Levels

A subject I am sure is high in all your minds is tomorrows results day. The best of luck to everyone tomorrow. Don’t forget you can get ahead of the game by checking your UCAS site BEFORE you go to get your results. The Universities will already have either accepted or declined and this will […]

Moving out

House moving. It’s stressful, as everyone knows. Stress isn’t helped when you live in rented student accomodation. Traditionally, students have a bad track record with looking after housing so their housing is a bit grubbier, grimier and generally cheaper than that of young professionals. Halls of Residence are looked after by the University so are […]

The End of third year, Exams, Deadlines and Scary Things

With the last one of my third year modules officially completed (I have just returned for a fortnight field course to Scotland) I have returned to the prospect of fourth year waiting just at the end of my exams. Which is terrifying But the exams have reminded me that everyone from SATS to GCSE to […]

Mapping without lecturers in the Isle of Arran in first year. That awkward moment when confusion over the rocks set in.

Ach Aye!

So Easter weekend is done and the family duly visited which was a nice break from flatmates and University (however much you might love them). But now its back to Leicester to get hard to work on my dissertation once more. I don’t have too much time to work on that though as in 2 […]

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