Easter Holidays

Now one advantage of being at University is that you get lots of lovely long holidays. Leicester is particularly good for this. As such, we get a month off at Christmas, a month at Easter and 3 months over the summer. Luxury. This means you have lots of time to go home and visit family […]



What better way to spend a sunny, spring Sunday than go for a gentle jog? Or a flat out sprint for the sportier amongst us? Why not combine this with a little light charity work on the side?  But how? The Sport Relief Mile! This Sunday, the morning after the clocks go back and the […]

Vikings don't travel light


Societies are really important when at University. They provide a way to get out of your house and spend some time away from your flatmates and coursemates. Much as you might love them, it can be nice to get away. There are academic societies (such as the Geology PCSB, Society of Economic Geologists, Society of […]

Black sandy beaches by moonlight


Tenerife; a beautiful volcanic island off the West coast of Africa full of sun, surf and black sandy beaches. A brilliant place for a holiday. Or some fieldwork. I really enjoy fieldwork so chose as much as possible. The Physical Volcanology module is split into three; an exam on the lecture series, performance on the […]

Random Acts of Kindness

It’s late at night and I’m catching up on the news of the last few days and a short article on the Guardian on Facebook made an unexpected impact on me. A letter to … A kindhearted woman in Marks and Spencer http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2012/mar/03/letter-to-unknown-woman?newsfeed=true I’m well aware that you can’t trust everything you read in the […]

8 legs and 2 tails=2 horses

Extra-Curricular Events

As has been mentioned before, work is very important at University. You go to University to get a degree in the subject of your choice, hopefully a good one. One of the benefits of going to University is that you can join strange societies or take up activities you would never have otherwise thoiught of. […]


Everyone loves pirates. Skulls and crossbones, parrots, wooden legs , rum and ‘Harr, Harr, me hearty’s’. So when I heard that Alestorm were playing in the Students Union last night I couldn’t help but go. In full pirate regalia, naturally. Anyway, Alestorm was pretty good, even if the keytair did need retuning half way through.  If you […]

Getting started

Hello chaps! As you might have noticed I am just getting started with this whole blog thing. Leave me lots of comments so I know what you want to hear about and whether you agree, disagree, like or dislike my posts and why! Cheers! Finn

Delightful Dissertations

What is a dissertation? Lots of people have heard of them, but do they know what they actually are? I was certainly a little bit fuzzy. Anyway, it turns out that, as a third year, one of the delights of my student life is the unrivalled opportunity to write one (and in so doing, find out!). Confused? […]

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