Check out the dementor robes. Oh yeah.

Farewell, University of Leicester!

I’ve been told (or I suppose, requested) to write a last blog post. One about all of my time at the University of Leicester, my favourite moments and anything that was truly remarkable. I’m having a hard time thinking of a way to sum up three years. I suppose I could go for a summary […]

Prelude to graduation – Part 2.

Bad things about graduation: 1. Parking. 2. Silly hats that mess up your hair. 3. Silly gowns that cost £40 to hire. 4. The endless ‘well, what’re YOU wearing under your gown’ discussion. 5. Having to practice walking in your shoes for several hours a week to make sure you won’t be the one who […]

Prelude to graduation – Part 1.

I, on the other hand, am simply waiting around to graduate! I received my results on the 22nd of June, and was simply ecstatic that I’d got a 1st (something which had seemed nigh on impossible to achieve at this time last year). I managed to drag my average up by over 5%, which, let […]

I really just wanted to use a picture of the muppets at somepoint during the writing of this blog. BOOM.

Being a local student at the University of Leicester.

There’s a group of students at the University of Leicester who have one thing in common. It’s not that they’re really into theatre, or that they think Jesus was a velociraptor. It’s that they are all from Leicester already. As a group, we’re not particularly large. We’re surprisingly common, though, and the chances are that […]

HEATWAVE! Plus revision.

Er. So. Has anyone else noticed how obscenely hot its got in the past few days? Course you have. I’m guessing all of you readers, like me, are getting into exam mode again. I’ve only got two exams to do, though, the first one being a sedimentology exam on Thursday morning (which, I am not […]

This is a pretty accurate representation of the whole trip; cloudy weather and stone skimming.

I’ve never eaten so much jam…

So, I had my first trip to Cornwall for my last field trip. I had a genuinely glorious time, despite the sometimes atrocious weather (April showers an’ all that). We did a general overview of the geology of the South-West, including detailed structural mapping, mapping of a granite quarry to assess whether it could be […]

Vintage fairs, pretty dresses and minor breakdowns.

What a wonderful week! I went along to the vintage fair last Saturday morning, which is held at the Leicester Cathedral about once every six months. There are lots of stalls with jewellery, clothes and most importantly, CAKE. With most of my projects complete, it was nice to have an outing in the gloriously sunny […]

That's a whole lot of bike storage.

On yer bike.

Leicester is a nicely sized, fairly compact city.  It also has a fair amount of greenery, and lots of bike paths. So, instead of getting a bus pass and quadrupling your chances of catching fresher’s flu from everyone on the bus, why not bring a bike to uni with you? As well as avoiding fresher’s […]

Hard hat, where art thou?

Well, I lost my hard hat today. I’ve got no idea where it is, but on the bright side, I have about a month until I’m off to Cornwall. Therefore, the search has been postponed. Recently, aside from searching for pieces of safety equipment, my time has mainly been taken up by making map boards. […]

Pew PEW!

Pew PEW!

Do you want to know what’re fun? Lazers. Do you want to know what else is fun? Running around a darkened room shooting people with lasers. …Okay. So, incase you didn’t gather from that leading remark and my oh-so-subtle picture, we went to Lazerquest this week! It was a mass outing of a mix of […]

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