I forgot I had a camera when getting my ticket signed, so here's a picture of me in front of a comedy festival sign.

The Leicester Comedy Festival

The Leicester comedy festival is back! It was on from the 8-24 of February this year, and I was lucky enough to go and see Richard Herring last week, doing his new show, ‘What is love anyway?’. The Leicester comedy festival started in 1994 with 40 events programmed into 23 venues over 7 days throughout […]

Current third year Lynsey, at a mine in Mauritania.

Work experience.

University summer holidays are long. Like, really long. Three months kind of long. This is why a huge proportion of second and third year students in the geology department apply for summer work experience. The kind of placements you might get vary from work in the mining or mineral exploration industry, to geophysical work in […]

Taken from the steps of the Charles Wilson building in the middle of campus.

‘We’re at the top of the world, you and I.’

9am lectures, as I have mentioned before, are one of the most evil things on god’s green Earth. So, when I got my timetable through for this semester, I was not impressed to see I had three of them pretty much in a row, one of which was on a Monday. That aside, I pootled […]

The photographer told us to give him 'jazz hands'. He was a legend.

My life for the next few months.

Exams are now over (hooray!), and that means that semester two is starting! I’m excited to get back into the swing of things, learning as opposed to revising, and going to lectures and practical’s again. Here’s a short summary of the things I’ll be doing over the next couple of months (some of which I’ll […]

I don't have any images directly relating to the course. So here, have some images of Germany! First, Cologne.

Languages at Leicester

A few years ago, I went on holiday to Rhodes, in Greece. I had an absolutely lovely time there, and met lots of interesting, very pleasant people. The thing that struck me the most, however, was that everyone, no matter where they were from, spoke excellent English (or had a fair stab in the right […]

It's begun....

Exams, exams, exams.

Greetings Geologists! Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while. I do, however, have an excellent reason for my absence, and this reason can be summed up into just one word; exams. Oh yes. At Leicester, you’ll undergo bi-yearly examinations, much like at A-level. You’ll have one set in January (the ones I’m currently cramming my […]

The British Geological Society careers event

I’m about to drop the C-bomb. That’s right. Careers. You want to come to Leicester to study geology. Have you, however, given much thought to the path you want to take with the degree you will receive? I came into Leicester with the general view that, well, I like chemistry and rocks and water and […]

Leicester TOTALLY looks that snowy and festive. Kind of. Well, minus the snow. And the trees.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Well, that time of year is upon us again. The trees are going up. The shops are blaring festive tunes. Somewhere, I assume, sleigh bells are jingling. And yet this season does not bring joy and excitement to the geology department’s heart. Sure, we have a Christmas tree and our annual Christmas party, but no […]

Oh. Well, it IS sedimentary.

Things I love about my course, part 1: Fieldwork.

I pity those studying arts at Leicester. Not for any deep seated ideological reason, you understand. Just because they will never know the pure joy that is fieldwork. So far in my course, I have been to the Isle of Arran, Anglesey, Almeria in Spain, and the Isle of Mull for my independent mapping project. […]

Pictured: just the crowd OUTSIDE of Freshers fair.

How to make friends at University

You may think this is a silly thing for me to be writing a blog about, but most of you will have spent the last 4 – 11 years with the same group of people and friends in the same comfortable locations. University will be a shock to the system. There will be so many […]

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