Last ever Geology rave bar crawl

Every year geologists get dressed up in luminous clothing and hit some of the bars of Leicester town. Its a great opportunity, especially in 4th year, to see some of your course mates that you haven’t seen in a while! It’s also a great opportunity to dress up in ridiculous outfits and paint everyone’s faces! […]

Reflection: Why Geology?

Geology was first advertised to me by my year 11 Chemistry teacher as a subject for people who liked science and wanted to travel. And that was it. From then on I have kept becoming more and more fascinated by the subject and I have visited more places during my 3 years at university then I […]

Reflection: Why did I choose Leicester?

With the end of my degree in sight I thought it might be time for a series of posts reflecting back on my time at University. The first question of course is – why did I choose Leicester? The course: not all universities offer geology as a degree and each course is different depending on […]

Me with the group of BGS and GfGD scientists at the discussion

Using geology to fight poverty

Yesterday I had the opportunity to present a short piece on my work experience in Vanuatu (Vanuatu blog), with my colleague Ben Clarke, at the Global engagement discussion between GfGD and the BGS (British Geological Survey). We spoke about what we had learnt about working with geoscientists abroad, the challenges they face and our ideas […]

Socials in first year, all dressed up in rave outfits

Geology socials – First year versus Fourth year

When you first arrive at university, everything is new and exciting as you are thrown into the washing machine of freshers where you tumble around making friends and having fun. You’d think that by fourth year us geologists might have straightened things out a little, become a little more sensible. I guess that’s partly right […]

Volcano conference!

Earlier this week I attended the VMSG (Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group) conference in Norwich. It was a fantastic 3 days where I got the chance to listen to researchers and current PhD students talk about their cutting edge research, talked to PhD students and academics about the academic posters they were showing, ate fantastic […]

Last ever lecture selfie! With Prof. Saunders at the back

Last ever lecture – for me and the Professor!

On the first of December this year I sat through my last ever lecture. Ever. Turns out it was the last ever lecture for our retiring professor too! I’m sure everyone who was ever taught by Professor Andy Saunders will agree that he always went the extra mile, had a great sense of humour and a way […]

Do you need a Masters (MSc)?

One question I’ve been asking lecturers lately is: do I need a MSc? Turns out the answer varies depending on what you might need an MSc for. Here’s a list of the advice I’ve been given so far: PhD: No need to do a MSc, although it will give you an advantage, a really good […]

What’s next?

As my graduation looms closer and closer, the time has come to really start planning what I am going to do once I leave uni. For a geology graduate many doors are open due to the variety of skills we are taught. The first door might be a non-geology related job in business, management, media […]

My last Geology red T-shirt bar crawl

Every year the Geology society (PCSB Soc, which was voted society of the year last year!) runs the red T-shirt bar crawl where we all don a brightly coloured red T-shirt and move from bar to bar across leicester, scribbling jokes and messages on each other. This year, as I put on my red T-shirt […]

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