Me as a panda searching for radiation...

Working in the Park!

After the first year you start to specify in your subject area more. For example, as a geophysicist I am studying modules such as Near Surface Geophysics and Hydrocarbon Geophysics. Palaeobiologists will study modules such as Major Events in the History of Earth and Exceptional Preservation. Today, I am going to talk about the work […]


Today I thought I would talk about Practical Folders, since they have been keeping me so busy lately. In the department, no matter what Geology degree you choose, you will be required to complete and submit practical folders for certain modules. Are you familiar with coursework? Well this is the university equivalent. I’m not trying […]

Exam Results!

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog! I hope you all find it very useful. Please leave me lots of comments and questions. I want to hear from you guys. I have just received my marks for the 1st semester after being in a panic all week. The notice board is always put out the day […]

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