Confessions of a Student: Part 1

Confessions of a Student: Part 1

Budgeting! Before university, it’s the one word we hear a thousand times from our parents! Commuting, textbooks, food, the list is endless. Among many other things, these need to be considered into our budgets. Some students are really lucky they can rely on the bank of mum and dad for either a weekly allowance or […]

Cocktails – ‘You guys must be in third year’

It’s a positive correlation; the amount of work you get and how much you party. An obvious fact to students, but until now I didn’t realise just how different I am now to how I was in first year, in terms of how I socialise. My housemate from last year visited us from her year […]

We filled up the streets!

The Infamous Geology Red T-shirt Bar Crawl

The University of Leicester geology society organised a series of socials throughout the year, the first of which is always the infamous red t-shirt bar crawl. This is the third year running for me and it still isn’t boring! (although a tired looking table of 4th years may indicate that they have been doing this for too […]

Clubbing in fancy dress

Clubbing vs Pubbing: which is best?

Throughout my time at university I have done a lot of these two things; clubbing does not refer to beating people with a wooden bat, it is the act of drinking alcohol (on the scale of none/not a lot to probably too much) and dancing in a room to extremely loud music  with lots of […]

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