The first two creations

3 Dimensional Biscuits

So technically all biscuits have 3 dimensions otherwise they wouldn’t exist. But the 3 dimensional stegosaurus biscuit cutters I received for my birthday (20 going on 12!) do seem to give ones biscuits a further dimension beyond the normal realms of biscuit existence. So, eager to create my own biscuit version of Jurassic park I […]

Clubbing in fancy dress

Clubbing vs Pubbing: which is best?

Throughout my time at university I have done a lot of these two things; clubbing does not refer to beating people with a wooden bat, it is the act of drinking alcohol (on the scale of none/not a lot to probably too much) and dancing in a room to extremely loud music  with lots of […]

Rutting deer

Spending time in the countryside

Learning how to handle stress is an important part of how university develops you into a capable adult. It is a learning curve, perhaps more linear than exponential, that comes gradually as you progress through your degree. Nevertheless stress can be overwhelming at times, perhaps from sheer volume of work, joining too many societies (although […]

We do scrub up gneiss (pardon the pun)

Q: What do geologists do when they’re not studying?

A: They party! Here are a few photos of the various geological soirées that I have attended over the past year and a half.

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