Organisation at last, but certainly not the least

This year of all years I thought I should get myself organised. I always thought that being organised just meant having a good idea of what I needed to do, however, after being told by lecturers that I needed to work a 40 hour week I started realising that 40 hours is actually quite a […]

Rutting deer

Spending time in the countryside

Learning how to handle stress is an important part of how university develops you into a capable adult. It is a learning curve, perhaps more linear than exponential, that comes gradually as you progress through your degree. Nevertheless stress can be overwhelming at times, perhaps from sheer volume of work, joining too many societies (although […]

The new fridge

When your fridge breaks…

One of the downsides to living in a house is that sometimes things break (if you pay less than £50 a week then ‘sometimes’ is generally more often). Most things in a house you can do without for a few days, even the internet if circumstances arise. So imagine the disappointment when my house-mates and I discovered […]

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