Home Sweet Home

This weekend I returned back to “Sunny Dunny”, AKA my hometown, for my mum’s 50th, and a few friends’ baptisms at my church. It was such a nice break, catching up on some old friends and chilling in the lounge, a cool beverage and a film with Dad. (“Ironclad” – you can’t take the history away from the historian!)

Heading south on the train however, I was again struck by the fact that I said I was going “Home”, yet when I was home, I kept saying that I was going back “Home” on Sunday evening… Two Homes?

A proviso for me heading back this weekend was getting an essay finished for Monday (The Joan of Arc one, remember?), so after my mum’s party I sat on my “Bed Desk” as Grace calls it, writing the last 900 words, and pondered what “Home” really meant.

And then the oft repeated phrase hit me: “Home is where the heart is”.

As I view my final year of University, Leicester really has become my “home away from home” – I’ve made some great friendships, tried many new things, explored different places and have a double bed for the first time in my life! (Although sacrificing a warm house back in Bedfordshire with utility bills paid by my parents, not to mention home-cooking!)

So make the most of it, and enjoy it while it lasts – time flies when you’re having fun! I hope that you too will feel at home here, the Uni is such a friendly place, and the city is so diverse there’s always something new going on, just don’t forget your degree!!

Anyone else feel the same, or am I just a sentimental third-year about being here?

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2 responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Grace

    I have three homes now, my mum’s, my dad’s and here in Leicester and I refer to all of them as home. I’ve found moving into a house here has made Leicester feel a lot more homely!

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