An End has a Start…

A song by the Editors today. After a lapse from leaving Leicester for home, this is unfortunately my last blog post! Well done to Grace for keeping them going!

So where now? As I mentioned in my last post, I’m doing an MA in History back in Leicester next year, starting in October. I’m still looking for somewhere to live – Uni hasn’t told me how much my scholarship is yet but I’m thinking about Opal Court. I’ve also had some thoughts about my thesis (20,000 words this time!) and I’m looking to do something on the Anglo-Saxon monk Bede, provided the topic I have in mind is suitable and the lecturer will agree to it!

Before that, I’m heading to Essex International Jamboree as a member of staff. EIJ is a huge international Scout camp, with over 10,000 participants in total. For just over a week, I’ll be on stilt team! We’ll be training the participants on plasterers stilts, then 4ft poles, then 6fts if they’re really good! Then in our “time off” we perform by wandering around in a variety of costumes, from pirates to the team colours of bright orange and yellow. I can’t wait!

Between Essex and Leicester, I’m also going to a camp with others from the Leicester Christian Union called Forum. Forum is a 5 day conference for CU members and leaders all around the UK, equipping us in our faith, but also providing us with specific training and seminars that we can use back at Uni. I went at the start of my 2nd year, and was meant to be there last year but was caught in America due to a hurricane cancelling our plane back!! Forum also has a discount book shop, and as I love to read I’m sure I’ll pick a few bargains up!!

That just leaves me to say thanks for reading, and best of luck to you all, wherever you may go! If its Leicester, you may just bump into me!

At my graduation – this could be you one day!



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