4 responses to “History On Film”

  1. Eleri

    This is such a great idea for a blog! There are so many geologically incorrect films around too. However annoying they are though, it always make me feel clever when I’m correcting Aaron Eckhart’s foolish idea that the rotation of the outer core of our planet could simply be ‘restarted’ by a set of nuclear explosions, not to mention the impossibility of getting down there any way! Do you think that all subjects have this problem?

  2. Liberty-Breeze

    There really is a teetering balance between historical inaccuracy and entertainment! I must say that whilst I knew that Django was definitely a Tarantino affair (running with whatever plot line he fancies and soaking it in blood and a fantastic score) I will say that Django did made me question my own knowledge on the history of slavery and for the next few days at least I felt obliged to immerse myself in any (albeit mostly online) literature I could which both fascinated and horrified me!

    I guess what I am saying is that whilst Historical accuracy is sacrificed for entertainment, do you think that by being entertained can inspire you to “find out what really happened?” and thus isn’t a wholly bad thing?

    I only ask, because I was thoroughly fascinated by your post and it was a pleasure reading your own opinions- I also now feel cheated by Pocahontas (the younger siblings and I don’t mention P-II in our house).

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