4 responses to “Decisions, Decisions: The Cult of the Russell Group”

  1. Pouneh (Germany)

    I completely agree with what you’ve written. I got to Leicester via a different route – clearing. Once I researched the University I wondered why I hadn’t considered Leicester in the first place. It was probably because of the ‘Russell group cult’. I now feel that Leicester is better suited for me than the universities I chose to be my firm and insurance.

  2. Bobby

    Branding is very important these days. Currently I am studying branding for my MBA electives. The so-called Russell-group has been able to sell itself as a brand better than other universities. The sad reality is, that the market place will also look at what brand you are carrying. The criteria for my choice was, the best university that my pocket could afford. I am very happy with my decision, because getting admission to Leicester is itself a dream-come-true for me.

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