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Today’s Monday and I’ve been back home now for 6 days. After the end of term I stayed in Leicester a few days to do some dissertation research on microfilm I could only do in the good ol’ David Wilson Library, then I packed my stuff and came home.

These few weeks are my last ones at home before I finish my degree, so I came back home with the intention of both making the most of the time not in seminars and to get huge amounts of work done. Though the end is in sight, I still have a 40 credit (10,000 words) dissertation due, and 3 exams (10 credits each), which equates to almost half of my third year! The pressure’s still on!

However, I started off well – in my first couple of days back I did lots of work, and have completely finished my dissertation research, written my entire bibliography, and begun revision for one module. But now? Not being in Leicester means I’ve lost all motivation!

I’m going to the pub tonight with some old school friends, and have almost finished my book (Jackie Kay’s “Trumpet” – I’d recommend it!), so I’m going to call this my “holiday” and be back on it. By Wednesday I’ll be on it. I think by setting myself daily targets I might get somewhere!

Wish me luck, guys!

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