Dissertation Woes

It’s now 4 days until dissertation deadline day. That becomes clear the moment you enter the library. It is absolutely packed with third year students frantically trying to get all of their work done.

10,000 words might sound like a lot but when you’ve been researching all year the difficult part is not trying to find enough to say, but trying to condense everything you’ve learnt into only 2 or 3 chapters.

I spent a long time during my time at home working on my dissertation, so when I came back to Leicester I had comparatively little to do on it. I’m not sure if that worse than still writing it though? Rather than admit to having completed it and submit it early, it’s just saved on my computer collecting metaphorical dust. I read it everyday, and check it. I delete a few words each day (I was originally nearly 500 words over) and now I only have 150 left to delete. But I can’t help thinking I should be doing something else to it.

Oh well. I can’t think how I can improve it now! What’s done is done.

Wish me luck!

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