Two days ago I handed in my dissertation and, yes, it was as scary as people make it out to be! I turned it in online on Monday afternoon after spending a good two hours trying to get page numbers right and margins wide enough! That meant I could no longer change it. So obviously, despite having read it hundreds of times, that’s when I thought of all the things I could change. I started to dread having anyone else read it. What if it was a load of rubbish? What if nobody understood my argument? What even is my argument?!

Unfortunately, the process of actually submitting the hard copy was not as satisfying as I’d have hoped for. Normally when we submit an essay you at least get a satisfying ‘thud’ as your work hits the bottom of the submission box. But for dissertations we were to place them in a pile in the office. Not very satisfying. I thought the moment would be much more symbolic.

Of course, a celebratory pint later that evening helped! Although I’m filled with a brand new dread that everything I wrote is wrong, I am hugely relieved to have finished it. I just hope the grade I get reflects the effort I put into it!

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