After our dissertation was handed in, we were lucky enough to have the History Ball to take our minds off working for a while. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long because revision was just around the corner!

I have had one exam so far and have two left to go. My first one I was the least confident about. I learnt everything, I knew the historians – I could tell you it all. But for some reason, I just don’t have the natural ability to answer essay questions with a pen and paper, in a hot exam room with the pressure of having only an hour for each question.

My next exam worries most 3rd year historians. It’s in a format none of us have ever seen before, and much different to all the other exams we’ve ever done. I see this as something positive. Being much better at coursework, I’m aware that normal exams are really not my thing. I’m hoping that this new and strange format will be a good thing!

By 11.30 on June 2nd I’ll have finished by third and final exam. Not only will that mean I’ll be done for the year but I’ll be done forever! The end of my degree is in sight…

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