So on Wednesday 16th July I graduated from the University of Leicester with a 2:1 in BA History. Here’s what happened during the day: 6am – wake up, shower, make-up, hair, dress, shoes, check camera and phone batteries are charged, and then… 7am – get in the car with mum, dad and brother, leave, find […]


In the last few days a lot has changed. On Thursday evening (confirmed on Friday) I found out my results… and am pleased to say I will graduate with a 2:1 in BA History! Changing the part on my CV that says ‘Expected 2:1 in BA History’ to merely ‘2:1 in BA History’ was a […]


After our dissertation was handed in, we were lucky enough to have the History Ball to take our minds off working for a while. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long because revision was just around the corner! I have had one exam so far and have two left to go. My first one I was […]

History Ball

So after dissertations were submitted we had two days until the History Ball. On Wednesday Big Band played at the Sports Awards, and as it was our last real performance (and my last performance with them ever) it got a little bit emotional. The Big Band were brilliant and everyone, sportsmen and musicians alike, enjoyed themselves. […]


Two days ago I handed in my dissertation and, yes, it was as scary as people make it out to be! I turned it in online on Monday afternoon after spending a good two hours trying to get page numbers right and margins wide enough! That meant I could no longer change it. So obviously, […]

Home Time

Today’s Monday and I’ve been back home now for 6 days. After the end of term I stayed in Leicester a few days to do some dissertation research on microfilm I could only do in the good ol’ David Wilson Library, then I packed my stuff and came home. These few weeks are my last […]

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