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  1. anya

    Hi zoe, i like your blog! It’s nice that you do sciences and are creative too – it’s a rare thing! What is the course like at leicester? Is it flexible – do you get to make choices about modules? It sounds pretty good, something i might be interested in.

    1. Zoe

      Hi Anya, thanks for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the blog and that you might be interested in the course!

      As I mentioned, the course here at Leicester is pretty different from any other course that I know of but it could most closely be likened to a natural sciences course. There are 5 core modules in a year which each last 5 weeks. Each core module is defined by a certain problem statement that the module content is then based around. The first 4 weeks of the module involve us learning the content needed to answer the problem statement through a mixture of taught and individual learning tasks. In the final week we work on (most commonly in groups) a set of deliverables which can take on a number of forms ranging from the traditional essay, to presentations, to podcasts and videos. So to answer your question on the flexibility, I am afraid not so much as the modules are preset and you will need to cover all the topics that are included. However you do cover a large range of different topics and there is also great emphasis on peer and group learning which means you help each other out in areas that you might find more difficult. It is also important to note that there are a number of other modules that run alongside these core modules such as lab, skills, maths and computing modules as well as two optional modules. I would suggest it would be in these optional modules that you would choose to look a bit more deeply into a subject area that you are especially interested in.

      I hope that answered the question and if you have any other questions or want more detail please feel free to let me know! Also, feel free to have a look at the course website;
      And also feel free to contact the department as well if you want, they are an absolutely lovely group of people and will be happy to talk to you!

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