One response to “When Did Every Food Need Buzzwords?”

  1. MeatSnacker

    I work in marketing. I also run an online shop that sells foodstuffs. So in some ways, I’m in the intersection of “food marketing”, which is what all the explosion of health claims is about.

    I am all for the free market – if a product has some advantage over others, the producer should shout about it. So if it really is “fat free”, feel free to label it as such.

    However, what I detest is dodgy marketing. And there’s alot of that going around – health claims that only have a tenuous evidence behind it. Hiding the bad stuff in small print on labels. Not telling the full picture. Saying “fat free” (but then having loads of sugar). As a consumer, I want to trust that what I read on the label is accurate – and that’s why I think food labelling & food marketing regulation is very important.

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