Making the Most of University Pt.1

View from Charles Wilson Building (Credit: University of Leicester)

View from Charles Wilson Building (Credit: University of Leicester)

Today I’ve been reflecting on my university experience and I can honestly say that deciding to go to university was definitely a great decision. I’ve learnt so much through the Natural Science course but what I didn’t expect was how much learning I’d be doing outside of my course too.


The subject you choose to study should take priority but there are a range of opportunities to learn and grow at University of Leicester (UOL). During my studies I’ve managed to complete the Leicester Award (WISE Rainmaker Challenge) and the Leicester Award Gold (Agile Minds). These are programmes run by the university and they are designed to help develop your skills and improve your employability. In addition to this, it’s a chance to interact and work with people you might not have met otherwise. I thoroughly enjoyed both of these programmes and I’ve made some really good friends because of it.


But this is just one example of myriad of events and opportunities that you can get involved in while you study. Student societies are another thing that can enrich your experience while studying. Due to the different structure of the fourth year on the Natural Science course compared to the previous years (you have more control over how you study in the fourth year), I’ve had more time to get involved with societies like the “LUV Gospel Choir” and “Chess”. These societies have acted as a much needed change of pace during the week and they’ll be a highlight of my time here at UOL. With so much on offer it’s easy to get overwhelmed or even to forget the reason why you came to university in the first place. The key is balance! You don’t have to get involved in everything uni-life has to offer but it’s a shame to leave UOL without at least knowing what you can do; from sports to learning a language to getting help with starting a business, the facilities are there, all you have to do is search for them.

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Hey, I’m Osarenkhoe, a fourth year Natural Science student. I have a huge interest in interdisciplinary research and the breakthroughs that occur when you cross the boundaries between the sciences. In my free time I enjoy playing chess, mixed martial arts as well as video games and anime. I’ll be blogging about my course, making the most of your Uni experience and interesting things you can do in Leicester.

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