Making the Most of University Pt.2

Previously I did a blog about “Making the Most of University” where I reflected on the myriad of opportunities to have fun, learn and develop at university, aside from your course. I concluded that blog by saying that all you have to do is search for them; which is true, but I wanted to make finding these opportunities easier for anyone that read that blog or is reading this one. That’s why now I’m going to explain and hyperlink a range of different events and activities UOL students can get involved in.

Let’s start with sports. As you know there are a range of sports societies at university, as well as our sport centres both at campus and at Oadby Student Village. However, some of you might not be aware of the initiative to increase student participation in sports called Lets Do Leicester. It’s a great way to try out a new sport and meet new people (I’d recommend going to bubble football). From sports let’s move on to societies. I previously mentioned that I am involved in some really fun student societies, I also recommended that students should do the same because I had such a positive experience. For anyone that is interested in learning more about student societies and getting involved, just click here. Finally let’s move on to skill development programmes, part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities at the UOL. As it is my final year, I’ve been researching grad jobs and I’ve found that employers are often impressed by the extra-curricular activities a student has done while completing their degree. Activities like: engaging in part-time work, volunteering for a cause or charity and completing the Leicester Award; are all important achievements which can give you the edge in an interview.

Hopefully in this blog I’ve managed to portray the wide range of opportunities available for students at the UOL, as well as provided ways to find out more and get involved. Thanks for reading!

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Hey, I’m Osarenkhoe, a fourth year Natural Science student. I have a huge interest in interdisciplinary research and the breakthroughs that occur when you cross the boundaries between the sciences. In my free time I enjoy playing chess, mixed martial arts as well as video games and anime. I’ll be blogging about my course, making the most of your Uni experience and interesting things you can do in Leicester.

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