Natural Science Clearing Special – Part 2

What is the structure of the course? The year is split into core modules, each of which is five weeks long. The first four weeks are where the learning takes place; if the module’s topic can be easily divided into the ‘core sciences’ (biology, physics, chemistry) then the weeks will be split between them. If […]

Natural Science Clearing Special – Part 1

Clearing is tomorrow, and while I hope that everyone gets the results that they hope for, some people will be forced to rapidly form a new plan for the next few years. So for those people who want to know about Leicester’s Natural Science course, but don’t have the leisure of reading through all the […]

Are Video Games Unsocial?

I was recently listening to a podcast by WoWCrendor, and one of the things that I found very interesting was his comment on how video games like WoW are often seen as being ‘unsociable’ behaviour, when activities like movies are seen as a social event even though you don’t interact at all. It’s certainly true […]

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