Studying Natural Sciences at the University of Leicester

Studying Natural Sciences at the University of Leicester

A question I get asked a lot is what is “Natural Science”? There is a slight misconception that I study trees and plants, which is not wrong but it’s not entirely right; there is so much more to the Natural Science course (previously known as Interdisciplinary Science). The source of that misconception is the link […]

Making the Most of University Pt.2

Previously I did a blog about “Making the Most of University” where I reflected on the myriad of opportunities to have fun, learn and develop at university, aside from your course. I concluded that blog by saying that all you have to do is search for them; which is true, but I wanted to make […]

View from Charles Wilson Building (Credit: University of Leicester)

Making the Most of University Pt.1

Today I’ve been reflecting on my university experience and I can honestly say that deciding to go to university was definitely a great decision. I’ve learnt so much through the Natural Science course but what I didn’t expect was how much learning I’d be doing outside of my course too.   The subject you choose […]

Are Video Games Unsocial?

I was recently listening to a podcast by WoWCrendor, and one of the things that I found very interesting was his comment on how video games like WoW are often seen as being ‘unsociable’ behaviour, when activities like movies are seen as a social event even though you don’t interact at all. It’s certainly true […]

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