Coming soon…..dissertation hints and tips

Hello everyone,

Just a quick message to say I will be posting another blog in the not so distant future covering the dissertation. I apologise that I have not written anything for a while – I was busy finishing my dissertation and then studying Norwegian over the summer months.


On another matter – if you post anything here please do put your name. If you don’t then I’m afraid I will file your posting as spam.


Best wishes to you all with your studies,


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Sue has now graduated from the University of Leicester. I'm Sue, a British expat living in Oslo, Norway. I have over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources (HR) and have recently, successfully completed studying the MSc International Human Resources (HR) and Globalisation course by distance learning with the University of Leicester. Sue has now graduated from the University of Leicester.

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One response to “Coming soon…..dissertation hints and tips”

  1. Wassila Howes

    Hello Sue,

    Great to hear from you again:)

    Thanks a lot, it would be great to get some advice from your personal experience on how to go about and get better prepared when conducting our dissertation.

    I’ve started with Module 4 now (i.e. proposal stage) and have covered Unit 1 so far with relevant readings, having formulated a potential research question with some rough ideas of the main premise in mind with possible arguments and research analysis to explore.

    Hope all went well with your dissertation too:)

    Look forward to keeping in touch.

    With my best wishes,


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