The Dissertation Experience

The Dissertation Experience

In May I had the pleasure of returning to Leicester University to deliver a presentation to MSc Labour Market Studies students during their Teaching Weekend. Nerves aside, I was excited about sharing the learning from my dissertation experience. In preparing the presentation one thought immediately came to mind – undertaking the dissertation was like climbing […]

Female Paramedics: Nurturing Life … Saving Lives!

Female Paramedics: Nurturing Life … Saving Lives!

Over the last couple of weeks my attention has been focused on finalising my poster and web page for the University’s Festival of Postgraduate Research which takes place on 27 June 2013.  If I’m honest the work involved has been much more than I naively envisaged when I first submitted my application back in March […]

Interview Questions – preparation is vital to achieving success at an interview

The following interview questions are not an exhaustive list. The objective of sharing the questions is to enable you to think through possible answers; answers that will focus your mind when preparing for an interview. Preparation is vital to achieving success at an interview.   About your job / work Describe a typical day in […]

Improving your personal presence and impact!

Improving your personal presence and impact!

At the beginning of March I was both thrilled and somewhat terrified to be advised that I had been selected as one of ten research students from the College of Social Science to take part in this year’s Festival of Postgraduate Research. In all fifty research students will present their work at the Festival which […]

Doctorate Literature Review

As I write this first post on my first ever blog, I am diving head first into my literature review on year three of my doctorate programme. If I were to be thankful for anything at this point, it would be that I geared all my year two module and assignment choices towards my thesis […]

The icing on YOUR cake

In January 2010 I wrote myself a goal. It read as follows: The sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly on the daffodils that are dancing in the wind. It is spring 2013 and I’m at Leicester University with my husband and parents awaiting the commencement of my and my fellow students’ graduation ceremony. Inside the main hall […]

Focus on what you want and what you are good at – job-hunting hints and tips

Hello everyone. I’m now just 4 days away from the graduation ceremony and am SO looking forward to it. I’ll share the experience with you in another blog after the event. Since my last blog I’ve been busy job hunting; I found that the key to success, just like my studies, was to remain focused on what you are good at […]

Your questions are welcome

Hello fellow students and potential students, If you’re considering studying at Leceister, specifically with the Centre for Labour Market Studies, then feel free to ask me any questions about studying by distance learning at Leicester. If you are a fellow student, don’t forget that two brains are better than one and so if you have any […]

Dissertation Hints and Tips

Hello everyone. I’m back, and now that my studies are over I thought it would be of some value to share with you some hints and tips regarding the dissertation process. This blog is divided into a number of areas. It is however of importance to explain the context of my dissertation because, with this […]

Coming soon…..dissertation hints and tips

Hello everyone, Just a quick message to say I will be posting another blog in the not so distant future covering the dissertation. I apologise that I have not written anything for a while – I was busy finishing my dissertation and then studying Norwegian over the summer months.   On another matter – if […]

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