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January a.k.a stress season

Hi, hey, hello! It’s about 10 days late but…happy belated new year! Woo! I apologise sincerely for such a delayed post. I promise I hadn’t forgotten at all but I’m sure if you’re a student then you know that January usually means exams and assessment seasons, a.k.a, total nightmare season! I didn’t have time to […]

Christmas miracles and gratitude

You can’t deny Christmas is a time of joy and togetherness for everyone, whether you celebrate it or not. It’s a time to come together as family and friends and be thankful for all the food on your table and the company of your loved ones in your warm, cosy homes. It’s a time to […]

A bit of food and friends for Christmas!

Hello! I’m Aminah, a new digital ambassador for the University of Leicester. Welcome to my first post. Watch a mini vlog of my friends and I prepare a small christmas dinner to celebrate the end of our final first semester at university…(despite having so many deadlines so it’s not much of a Christmas holiday!) Find […]

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